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The Essays Online offers a variety of writing services ranging from: Rewriting, Copy Writing, Editing, Creative Writing, Proofreading, Technical Writing, Website Content Writing and all other writing and translation services.

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A Brief Overview Of Our Services

We take immense pride in our academic writing department, which has consistently delivered flawless and absolutely original academic writing to customers for several years(Research Paper Writing, Term Paper Writing, Buy Essays Online ant etc). Within the ambit of academic writing there exists a diverse array of formats which a customer may demand depending on the length and purpose of the piece. The terms which are used to distinguish between various academic writing formats include: Essays, Research Paper Writing, Book Reviews, Literature Reviews, Synthesis Writing tasks, Annotated Bibliographies and etc. While these distinctions between various forms of academic writing are important, it is also to be noted that these formats are not mutually exclusive and dissertation or Research Paper Online for example may require the amalgamation of one or several forms of academic writing.

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An essay can be exploratory, expository or argumentative. It is generally of a shorter length than most Research Papers Online and dissertations, however, exceptions may exist. The formulation of quality essay is dependent on succinctness, clarity, attention to detail and a clear understanding of the purpose of the essay. The students are not the only one dependent on us but rather we are dependent on them. The Essays Online highly values all of its visitors, it is not considered as an interruption in our work in fact they are the purpose and a part of our business. We truly appreciate our students trusting us and giving The Essays Online a chance to assist them with their most important essays and we in return are serving with pure dedication, honesty and with the only aim of never letting any student regret their trust on us.

Book Reviews

Book reviews largely provide a brief summary of a particular book coupled with a detailed critical analysis of the books content and clarity.

Literature Review

A literature review is an all encompassing critical analysis of the entirety of literature available on a particular topic, which aims to highlight any discrepancies as well as the current state of existing research on a specific subject matter.

Research Paper Writing

An essay is a summarized version of a Research Paper Writing as a Research Paper Writing focuses on the thesis statement, detailed research, compiling data, observing and showing relationships between the gathered information. A Research Paper Writing tends to revolve around a particular research problem or question, which is explored and analyzed from several different angles, in order, to reach a somewhat conclusive answer and/or conclusion.

Synthesis Writing Tasks

Synthesis writing tasks involve the collection of diverse ideas on a particular subject matter into one coherent and structured piece of writing.

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliographies include a list of citations for books and academic journals, coupled with a brief description and analysis of the reference.


A dissertation generally follows this format:
Any Chapter of Dissertation
Scientific Merit Review (optional)
Dissertation Proposal
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Data Analysis and results
Chapter 5: Conclusion and Discussion


Most if not all of the above mentioned forms of academic writing require accurate and up-to-date referencing, which includes both in-text referencing and a page containing all the resources used for the purpose of the creation of the piece, which includes all of the required details of said piece. The most common referencing styles include: MLA, APA, Harvard and Turabian.

Referencing Styles

The Essays Online offers all styles of citations and the most common ones are as follows:

  • MLA - Modern Language Association
  • APA - American psychological Association
  • Harvard
  • Chicago


The standard format we follow:

  • 250-275 words per page
  • Times New Roman, Font size 12
  • Double-spaced
  • 1 inch Margin on all sides

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